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Davids bile giveaway - Subscription? No, thanks.

Warning: NSFW language. So, Autodesk bought Eagle. This in and of itself would not necessarily be bad news - Eagle has been in need of some improvements for some time, and occasionally, when a bigger company assimilates a smaller company … Continue reading

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A dream about OrCAD...

I had a dream... In this dream I just drifted through an endless void. Light surrounded me. After an unknowable time I started hearing a sound. It started as a low, buzzing sound. I felt a pull, towards a place … Continue reading

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Words of Embedded Design Wisdom

On this page I would like to publish some thoughts, sayings, rules of thumbs and wise things that I've come to observe during my few years of experience in the field of embedded systems design (and life in general). If … Continue reading

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Davids bile giveaway - Customer Area, Download Area, Bugger off Area

There are two basic ways you can give out information on your products: A comprehensive, simple, publicly available website, complete with all of the information the potential customer might need, support software (if applicable) freely available and easily available pricing … Continue reading

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Davids bile giveaway - Images in PDFs or "Maximum compression leads to depression"

First look at this schematic: Now, this is the schematic from a of an evkit for one of the devices of an unnamed company. You'll note that they used a resistor of a value of... well... 1k? 10? Ah, of … Continue reading

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