Gullibility Begone Ring

Have you ever fallen for some spam scam.

Sent all your personal info to Mbhukake - the newly appointed nigerian minister of finance to transfer a million USD through your account?

Bought Viagra from

Bought pseudoscientific or magical healing/improvement stuff ( like the Tesla Shield or Money magnet or similar crap )?

Bought audiophile gear for thousands?

If you answered any of those question yes, than here's your diagnose:


Therefore you are prone to buying crap, bullshit and falling for every scam that has no useful properties at all and getting robbed/injured in the process. You'll buy magical healing pieces of glass, you'll buy audio cables for 15000USD/meter, provide your personal info to random people who contact you, all this just because you haven't bought the GULLIBILITY-BEGONE RING!


Yes! For just 299$ + shipping you can have this marvelous ring, made through ancient techniques out of high grade Niobium, with a special coating. The fine-tuned secondary resonator ring uses principles first described by Nikola Tesla to respond only to negative energy frequencies and dissipate them (see Kirlian photo below)


This ring will:

- Enhance your brainpowers* - never again will you buy crap or fall for a scam

- Protect your Chakras from outside influence* - avoid all those evil people who wish you harm by sucking away your energy

- Revitalize the whole body* - the ring also improves your Chi flow paterns by filtering out negative energy vibrations using the fine-tuned secondary resonator ring

Customer testimonials:

"It's an incredible invention! I don't even respond to most of the emails in my SPAM forlder these days!"

"After buying this ring I understood there's a lot of scams out there, on the internet, and that the multiple for anecdote is not data."

Ordering info**

Due to a great interest in this wonder of modern technology we have set up a queue. Please contact us here:

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* - results may vary
** - no refunds

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