These are my publications. It's a few text I've sent out into the world. Enjoy.

January 2006ARADIO 2006/1Simple square signal generatorN/A
September 2006ARADIO 2006/9The nixie power supplyThe Nixie Power supply
July/August 2007ELECTOR 2007/7.8A sensor for line following robotsN/A
October 2007ARADIO 2007/10An AVR clockThe AVR controlled clock
2012ŠVOČComparison of DC DC controller algorithms for a step up converter in practice, used for a nixie clock
2011ŠVOČSpeggy gamma ray spectrometer - a company workN/A
2008ŠVOČSBot - a company workN/A
2015Circuit CellarResistance measurement methodNew method for measuring lots of resistors using very few wires - part 1 - Theory + intro


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