A dream about OrCAD...

I had a dream...

In this dream I just drifted through an endless void. Light surrounded me. After an unknowable time I started hearing a sound. It started as a low, buzzing sound. I felt a pull, towards a place and found my consciousness moving, through what means I can't say. As my speed increased, I began to see a speck of darkness, infinitely small compared to the white void surrounding me, but it was getting larger and larger.

The intensity of the sound increased gradually - what started out as a low buzzing sound was now an unholy buzzing of millions of hellish flies. As the darkness came closer and closer, understanding dawned on me - it was Hell, the Abyss. I didn't know how, but in my heart of hearts I knew what it was... The ever insistent buzzing was now intermingled with the screams and cries of the legions of the Damned, into one unspeakable cacophony of horror, creating the perfect soundtrack for the Nether realms.

I descended deeper and deeper into the Abyss. The void of white was now replaced by a realm of darkness and despair. Well beyond dread, I stared with grim fascination upon the depths of Hell itself. And there were hordes of things whose shape bears no mentioning, for even hints of them might bring upon madness to those unlucky enough to have a vivid enough imagination.

Yet my apparent destination was even deeper still. Descending ever deeper I saw horrors beyond any conventional definition of horror, madness, that words fail to describe. Even deeper still, there is a Place in Hell. It is a place void of any light, any good, anything. It is a place where madness has form and that form is the Place.

The mothers of the unholy beings that inhabit Hell sing many ghastly lullabies to their countless offspring, they tell them stories of unmentionable horror, yet only the gravest travesties from their offspring make them scare their descendants with whispers of the Place, and these beings, whose mere sight - nay, very thought! - could instantly induce madness in all of the people of Earth, whom are blissfully unaware of them, these creatures weep acidic tears of dread, forever scared straight.

It is here that my journey ended. Observing the place where direction had no meaning gained me nothing. After what felt like a small eternity, for "when?" had just as little meaning "where?" in the Place, I heard a voice. It spoke to me:

"Wait, you're not one of the OrCAD design team! But you bear the stench! Wait, you're just a user... Crap. Our apologies. Guys, there's been a mistake, send this one back up!"

At that I began ascending, back through the layers, and just as I glimpsed the comforting light of the void, I woke up from the dream. Which was a dream. Just a dream. It must have been a dream... please...

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