Welcome to my webpage, the webpage of David 'daqq' Gustafik. I'm a hobyist electrotechnician/programmer. I like to play around with robotics, electronics in general and programing microcontrollers (namely the AVR family, I also dabble into ARMs, x51, FPGAs, I did a little PC programming...). Currently I'm employed in a hardware development firm and enjoying it πŸ™‚


Me playing with a hollow cathode lamp...

On this page, I am presenting my projects, myself, sharing knowledge, offering services and help/consulting.

My projects deal mostly with low voltage apps (clocks, simple measurment, robotics) but there are exceptions, such as the coilgun.

Please browse around the page, enjoy it.

I also provide electronics development.Β To contact me, please visit the About section of the page.

Oh, and please note that most of the projects here are from many years ago, when I was still young and stupid πŸ™‚ Now I'm just stupid.